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There's so much to do at Hunt Club Farm!

Saturday, September 25th!
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2388 London Bridge Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456

Explore Hunt Club Farm

Petting Farm

There's always something new!

BirdWalk Aviary

It's for the BIRDS!

TreeWalk Adventure

See the farm from the trees!

Harvest Fair

A cornucopia of fun!

Spring and Summer Market

Flowers, gifts, and goodies!

Spring Fling and Easter Egg Hunt

Hop on over for a bunny good time!

Our location

2388 London Bridge Road,
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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Our History

Hunt Club Farm

Our rich history is Virginia Beach history.

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The Original Homestead
Dating back to the 1760s when the area was mostly farmland, the original home, built for Captain Jonathan Moore, still stands and is currently being restored.
Mr. John C. Vogel in 2002
...on his beloved farm with his oldest great-grandchildren: Kendall, Katie, Mary, and Mac.
The Vogel Family Today
Nick, Taylor, Randi, and J. D.

We love hearing from you!

Lisa Besharian Walker
Lisa Besharian WalkerGuest, April 2021
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"We absolutely love taking our granddaughter to Hunt Club Farm. The environment is so welcoming, clean, and especially geared to the little ones. She absolutely loves running around to all of her animal friends who are so well-tended. Especially fun is the Tree Walk overlooking the beautiful pond where she can see turtles and ducks. We love to see her explore nature, learn about animals, and experience the fresh air and sunshine. She adores the pony rides, too. Kudos to Beth at the Tree Walk and Ricky who tends the ponies and guides the rides. We love you. We bought season passes which is the best! Thank you, Hunt Club Farm."
Sharon Ethridge
Sharon EthridgeGuest, Spring Fling and Easter Egg Hunt
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"I was worried about the crowd based on the traffic going in but was most pleasantly surprised. It was our first time taking my granddaughter and we had so much fun!! It was a delightful experience and I would highly recommend it!! The petting zoo was our favorite but the Easter Bunny ran a close second. He (or she) did a fabulous job of making our girl giggle and enjoy the experience!"
Corrine Bayline
Corrine BaylineGuest, Spring Fling and Easter Egg Hunt
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"Visited for the Spring event. I am not sure who had more fun, me or my 4-year-old. So, so much to do. I am sorry that it took us that long to try it out. Fun for kids of all ages. 10/10 cannot wait to go back!"
JennsHealthyLivingGuest, April 2021
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"My kids and I had a fantastic day today! What fun! We went to the Hunt Club Farm & for $12 each, we got a pass to their new TreeWalk as well as to see the animals ♡ 💙 I want to give a shout out to Hunt Club Farm. Not only was the TreeWalk amazing, the animals adorable and well taken care of, the bathroom facilities clean, but every experience with employees was quite exemplary‼️ The ticket ladies were so kind, upbeat, and answered my questions with kindness. Toward the end of our visit, my son bumped his head quite hard on a beam from hurrying up the rock wall side of the playground. On the way out, we stopped into the gift shop to look at some local honey and salsas, etc. Bonnie, the lady working in the gift shop today, noticed my son was super quiet and was sitting on a bench. (He was doing okay, but he gets quiet for a while after getting hurt). When she found out he had bumped his head, she ran over to the water cooler and gave him a water to put on his forehead to keep him cool or to drink. He thanked her. Even though I told her he was fine, she called Savannah to come check on Liam. Savannah brought my son an ice pack and asked for our names and number. She filled out the report and said she will call and check on Liam tomorrow. These ladies are definitely assets to the Hunt Club Farm. They went out of their way to make sure Liam was doing okay and to help him. Although he was quiet while there (he did thank them), on the walk to the car he talked about them and told me they made him feel better. ♡ Later in the day I received a phone call from Steven. I forgot I called early in the morning & left a message asking if the treewalk was opened. He was also so kind and definitely an asset to the company as well. I must say, it was definitely worth the $12 each as the kids had a lot of fun and on top of that, the service and kind-hearted customer service will bring us back and recommend people to visit there."
Gerry Amodio
Gerry AmodioGuest, April 2021
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“Every trip to Virginia my granddaughter takes us to Hunt Club Farm where she enjoys riding Mr. Potter and the chicken coop. It's a wonderful time and we look forward to coming back.”
Jena AluiaGoogle Business Review, May 2021
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I visited as an adult, with no children, and I had a great time! I love farm animals and can’t currently have everything I want and my heart was soooo full after getting to pet the goats, sheep, pigs, and even a calf! I can’t wait to go back. The little shop on the way out was so cute and a popsicle was the perfect way to wrap up a great afternoon..
Sandra Byrd
Sandra ByrdGoogle Business Review, May 2021
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This is the best interactive farm I have ever gone to. The price to get in is beyond fair. The people who ran the pony rides were so understanding when my daughter wanted to get off mid-ride because she got a little nervous. All of the animals were really well socialized and were well taken care of. The areas were all well kept as well. Restrooms were very clean. My little family will definitely be coming back here again.
Facebook Reviews
Facebook ReviewsThank you!
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Marveling Rios Mendez: Excelente atención a los visitantes, recomendado para pasar un momento alegre y divertido en familia ! Translation: Excellent customer service, recommended for a fun and fun family time! Shirl Miller Crites: My granddaughters love the pony rides,but,I'm thinking the Tree Walk will be a hit this time! Sean Conley: Always a great experience for kids and adults. Helpful and kind staff
Leeh Pettigrew
Leeh PettigrewContact Us Form, June 2021
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"My kids and I had a fantastic day today! What fun! We went to the Hunt Club Farm & for $12 each, we got a pass to their new TreeWalk as well as to see the animals ♡ 💙 I want to give a shout out to Hunt Club Farm."
Joe T
Joe TGoogle Business Review, June 2021
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"Having lived in HR for 17 years I can genuinely say that HCF is worth every penny. The Tree Walk course is amazing and fun and truly is the cherry on top. We brought the kids for just a few hours and even still we could have made an entire afternoon of it for no additional expense. Great for young families!"
AE Atlanta Georgia
AE Atlanta GeorgiaYelp Review, May 2021
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5.0 star rating, 5/19/2021 "The kids had a great time! I thought we were just bringing them here for them to enjoy themselves but I enjoyed myself. I was so happy I absolutely love animals. I love feeding the animals. It was a great experience and I'd definitely come back if I'm ever in town again."
Chelisa Anderson-Rand
Chelisa Anderson-RandContact Us Form, June 2021
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"My kids and I had a fantastic day today! What fun! We went to the Hunt Club Farm & for $12 each, we got a pass to their new TreeWalk as well as to see the animals ♡ 💙 I want to give a shout out to Hunt Club Farm."
Sarah Whitby
Sarah WhitbyFacebook July 2021
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Wonderful place to visit with the family! Being able to interact with the animals, which are so sweet, and explore the farm was awesome! The birds are amazing and Im pretty sure my son is going to beg me for a goat for at least a year. he names 2 of them and one of the birds. and the tree walk is every outdoor kids dream. So beautiful. And definitely a great new part of our yearly vacation.
Joy Stevens
Joy StevensFacebook July 2021
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Hunt Club Farm was my favorite part of our vacation so far! 14 of us and we ALL enjoyed it. Keep up the good work! Thank you!
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