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Virginia Beach, VA 23456

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"Visited for the Spring event. I am not sure who had more fun, me or my 4-year-old. So, so much to do. I am sorry that it took us that long to try it out. Fun for kids of all ages. 10/10 cannot wait to go back!"
Corrine Bayline
Guest, Spring Fling and Easter Egg Hunt
"I was worried about the crowd based on the traffic going in but was most pleasantly surprised. It was our first time taking my granddaughter and we had so much fun!! It was a delightful experience and I would highly recommend it!! The petting zoo was our favorite but the Easter Bunny ran a close second. He (or she) did a fabulous job of making our girl giggle and enjoy the experience!"
Sharon Ethridge
Guest, Spring Fling and Easter Egg Hunt
"So much fun this Easter Sunday!!! Thank you for having these events and having so much to do for the kiddos!"
Raquel M Tenorio
Guest, Spring Fling and Easter Egg Hunt

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Petting Farm

There's always something new!

BirdWalk Aviary

It's for the BIRDS!

TreeWalk Adventure

See the farm from the trees!

Harvest Fair

A cornucopia of fun!

Holiday Market

Enjoy the magic of the season!

Spring Fling and Easter Egg Hunt

Hop on over for a bunny good time!

Our History

The Original Homestead
Dating back to the 1760s when the area was mostly farmland, the original home, built for Captain Jonathan Moore, still stands and is currently being restored.
Mr. John C. Vogel in 2002
...on his beloved farm with his oldest great-grandchildren: Kendall, Katie, Mary, and Mac.
The Vogel Family Today
Nick, Taylor, Randi, and J. D.